2011 Interview (Outstanding Women and their Contributions) Lynn Twist


Lynne Twist, author of  Soul of Money, and Co Founder of Pachimama Alliance, has been a world leader in bringing feminism and social equality to women world wide .  Lynn in her book and in her work the importance of the feminine aspect of who we are as people, be we male or female, is what the planet needs.  The age of Sophia, the greek goddess of feminine wisdom, Lynne suggests is an idea whose time has come. Feminine, not specific to gender, but to that aspect of ourselves that seeks union, and that place we as a society have come to recognizing that we have gone as far as might and strength and competition can bring us.  Going toward new areas of response embracing and including disparate parts to create a whole, including and collaborating to renew the promise of being a human being.
Pachimama Alliance
Lynn and her husband Bill Twist started The Pachimama Alliance after her profound commitment led work with The Hunger Project.  The Hungar Project began  from the orientation that our greatest achievement as human beings is a world that works for everyone, excluding no one.  Scarcity and lack, The Hungar Project declared in 1970 is a problem of distribution, and the blind eye to those who are suffering with hunger. There is no question as to the success of the Hungar Project as those dying from starvation and those places in the world where hunger was tolerated have diminished to a quarter of what it was in 1970.

Lynn and  her husband Bill are the founders of The  Pachimama Alliance.  The four indians who came from their tribal lands in Ecuador came  with the message of the impact industry in Ecuador had caused in fouling the water and the land.  “We are all one world” is the message of The Pachimama Alliance; we share the air, land and the oceans, and suffer under the illusion we can be separate.  The founding of The Pachimama Alliance by Lynn and Bill Twise brought the people of Ecuador and ecologists, scientists and humanitarians together to take action to stop the destruction to mother earth, in Equadore and world wide.  Lynne comes from the place of we have everything we need, the ability to feed the world, the ability to not drive our planet into extinction by destructive use of the environment we share.  Lynn has met with the Nobel Prize winners on that subject; she has gone to congress.  She has brought her tears and her passion with her.

Lynn has a history of a leadership that brings about change that is needed, and has a specific idea of what it takes to be a leader.   First,  the ability not to give up feeling what the problems are and dealing with them from the heart.   Second, being aware of the power of listening.   She lives and she speaks of the value as a leader of listening rather than speaking and directing any response other than compassion.

Extraordinary and unassuming, Lynne is highly interested in everything around her and is alive in her passion for the world which directs her actions and her focus of those things she chooses to put her attention on.  She spoke of the women who throughout the world are exploited sexually, used by those who seek to intimidate villages by  rapes and murders of the women.  Her first hand experience of being with tribes who perform female genocide as a practice was one of listening and feeling the people, questions from the  women emerged as they came to a new conversation about their understanding allowing for a new understanding.   As Lynn described it, real progress is slow.  Imposing a standard or viewpoint onto tribes won’t work ultimately; presenting a model that they come to  seek inquiry about does, but it takes time.  And it takes listening.  Listening for a long, long time to those never heard in countries we can barely pronounce, that is the work of Lynn Twist and those who work with her.

Lynn Twist, a leader, a feminist, a participant on the world stage has and continues to do her work, unrelenting and with a full heart always offering women world wide to choose their destiny.


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