2011 Interview: (Outstanding Women and their contributions series) Patricia Cavanaugh/3rd Act

What stops people and what opens doors for people at the threshold of their 3rd act of life was a study undertaken by Patricia Cavanaugh, as she came to the point herself of questioning, how she wanted to move into this part of her life.  Patricia saw that there were many choices, and bottom line her interest was in using the time she had to make a difference, to find a way to contribute.  She was inspired by Erik Ericksons’ view of the potential of the last act of life providing profitable experience and direction to the next generation,  Patricia coined the term: generaterians:  that is, creating the opportunity for elders to contribute their wisdom to each other and the next generation.  “The Making of an Elder Culture” by TheodoreRousak is the latest addition to books referenced by Patricia, as her path to following her curiosity and interest in developing the 3rd Act.   She and her partner provide workshops for people to determine how they can direct this stage of their life to be personally happy and satisfied with their lives.

Second Career
Boomers, Patricia feels, have all their lives have created possibilities and broken new ground in how they live, so to take that same enthusiasm and passion to the later part of life, the 3rd Act, seems quite appropriate to many.   Taking the time to determine  the ways of creating a life full of joy and make a contribution is where many start who find their way to  Patricia and her partner, Bev Scott.  Their partnership has been a blessing based on common interest and deep respect for what each offers.  They  looked at the research that asked what were the elements of people really satisfied with their lives.  They offer the structure in their one day workshop for people to investigate what they’re excited about, identifying what gives them pleasure and creating a life from there in their 3rd ACT.www.the.3rdact.net  They will be giving these workshops in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and around the Bay Area in the next year.


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