Dear subscribers:

Dear Subscribers:

Thank you for your presence.  I look at each of your names and try to imagine who you are and what you are doing in your life and what about Barefoot Frontrunners lives in you, or has a place in your thoughts, feelings.  I wonder what  your passion is, what you care about and what you do with your time.

I wonder also what your path has been, what has directed your movements in your life.  I am in the process of taking this material to a book, and what would be an incredible gift to me would be to have feedback from you.  Not so much about the writing, but about your perceptions and if and how they land with you.   Here are some questions should you want to engage:

What is your response to the pages that speak to you?

Does any particular aspect of what is being presented show up for you in your life?

What is new information from interacting with this site?

Do you have a story about yourself, your sister, your mother, your whomever in terms of the issues that feminism represents?

Do you have a challenge in our life that you are dealing with?

Just saying, I appreciate you subscribing to Barefoot Frontrunners, and would like to open your use of the website to interact if that is of use or value to you.  I’d like to explore that option with the subscribers if that is of their choosing.







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