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The Women’s Caucus-2016: California Democratic Convention


At the Women’s Caucus 2016 of the California Democratic Convention, across the front row facing the podium Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Water, Barbara Lee, Barbara Boxer and Kamala Harris met with delegates in a standing room only gathering of several hundred women with a few men.   These congressional and state public servants have better than stood for the issues of our times, but remarkably in the process they have only gotten softer in the places where humanity needs them to be, and stronger-like steel-in their resolve to see the human beings who are effected by how congress functions.

Each of these office holders is known for  never forgetting that by their unrelenting work for human rights, women’s rights, immigration and education,   communities and families  function are served or not served by  how they perform roles in public office.  They represent the best interest of not only the powerful, but those struggling with racial injustice and mass incarceration.  Women from all over California with standing room only are enthusiastic as these public servants do not keep their distance or strike a pose in their official capacity, but warmly receive the exchanges within the room.   In fact, there is  the impression in the presence of  these House of Representative, Senate and State representatives in that front row,  that the seven and half years of the Obama Presidency has had them taking positions that put them  directly in the firing line of a contempt oriented congress and political atmosphere. But these congressional members have used  all that to get stronger and represent harder the purpose of their  participation in governing.  The appreciation they held for each other in this morning session and for  the half a dozen other representatives from all over the state, who keep going no matter whatever the obstacles to standing for the principles of the democratic party: each person counts, and all persons count.  Democrats, as Vice President Biden stated as he addressed the over 3000 attendees to the Cal Dem Convention later in the day, democrats are for bringing about the possibilities for the value of each person, that no one is left out, while Republicans are trying to limit human rights, women’s rights and voting rights.

California has been ahead of the nation in their response to the needs of people and the ladies in that front row of women who have carried their roles and functions as senators and congressional members had everything to do with that.  One Trailblazer Award was given by the California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus for her dedication to HIV/AIDS legislation, her stand for LBQBT, her work to bring about the relationship with Cuba now opening up and her ongoing work for families and children in her support for social justice for all communities.  Congresswoman Barbara Lee in turn acknowledged Nancy Pelosi for her power to listen and hear above the noise of the senate what is really important to the American people and her ability to inspire collaboration and productive benefit to the people of the country.  She congratulated NARAL for their focus and attention that brought about the repeal of the Hyde Act so that each woman can make a decision for herself about her reproductive rights decisions.

Senator Barbara Boxer, leaving her seat in congress soon, stressed she wasn’t disappearing.  “This is our time,” she said and it is time for a real change and women can make that difference in every field of study and practice. That this is a time when women need to bring other women along with them, and that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton best represents the opportunity for women to fulfill their wisdom and contributions.  “The more doors opened for other women, the stronger we become as a country,” Senator Boxer stated.

“This is our time and we have the right to fight,” Maxine Waters stated and from the response in the room, indicating their choice was to move the progressive  message for the California Democratic Convention that will thread through the next months to the California Primary in June.

California Democratic Convention 2016 delegate votes