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Wise Women Know and say NO


Wise woman know and say NO to repeal of ACA.  Hell No.  That is exactly what the following Republican congressional members have done.  Representative Shelly Moore Capito’s no vote, and Republican  Susan Collins, Republican Senators for Maine, & Lisa Murkoski have all publicly expressed their no to the repeal.  They will not vote against ACA with no replacement arrived at by congressional meetings.

They demand a negotiated and public work  by congressional meetings that flesh out the potential, the real promises that can be made to the American people.  Senator Barbara Comstock of Virginia, Representatives Jody Hice of Georgia and Ileana Ros-Lehtiner of Florida have all indicated they cannon accept the repeal of the ACA without a health care replacement that covers all Americans in need of coverage.

Democratic congressional members have been vocal all along with the chicanery and bluster of the GOP bully tactics not close to representing the democratic process.  Unfailingly we have heard Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Representatives Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters expose the underhanded attempt to bully through the repeal of ACA at the expense of the people who would suffer from losing coverage and losing treatment.

Hurray for these women who have stood tall in their ability to lead as congressional representatives.  Well done.

UPDATE:  John McCain stands tall for stating and remaining committed to saying No to the Repeal without a plan in place to replace the Affordable Health Care.  The work continues and what we see here is democracy at work, and a break in the GOP front that has thwarted forward motion to put aside the repeal, and address the needs of the people to be served.